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Your Healing Journey Awaits

What We Do

 Our mission is to nurture your body and soul, to help you find balance, to open you up to a new level of healing.

When we take time for ourselves in a nurturing supported space, we can discover the physical, emotional and even sometimes spiritual transformation to heal in the moment.

You will find strength and balance on your healing journey at Kim’s Healing Hale.

What is a Healing Hale? Hale in Hawaiian means home

Kim’s Healing Hale is a place to find home within yourself, your center.

Feel safe to come as you are, be nurtured, relax, and let go– to discover a new level of wellness.

Our Services

Full Body Clay mask to pull the impurities and leave the skin silky smooth, followed by Salt Scrub.

Aligning the body through toning, strengthening and stretching in a personalized Pilates and Aston Patterning session.

*New* Clay Body Mask and Wrap followed by a Salt Scrub in the Steam Room – 1 Hour; $100

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